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10 Tips to Speed up Your Home Sale

Tip #1: De-Personalize Decor It’s a good idea to emotionally disconnect when your home is for sale—think of it as a model home.  Remove family photos and de-personalize the decor inside and out as much as possible. You want prospective home buyers to be able to picture themselves in the home.   Tip #2: Eliminate Clutter Remove as much clutter as possible so your home is neat and tidy. Eliminate trinkets and dusty knickknacks, perhaps boxing them up to move or donate. Now is a great time to clean out, there’s no reason to move things you no longer need! Tip #3: Organize...
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How Much Do You Offer?

So, you’ve found the perfect home!  How do you know how much you should offer?  A Real Estate professional can help you find out what other homes have sold for in the area, and how much money you might have to put into repairs or renovations. These considerations should be a factor along with the amount you’re comfortable spending. In addition to sale prices of other comparable homes, there are several ways you can come up with a winning bid. For example: The condition of the house. Is the home in move-in condition, in need of paint and other cosmetic...
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A Few Tips to Make Moving Easier on your Children

Making a move is never easy on anyone. Even if it is just a move across town, it can still be a stressful time on the family. One concern I often hear from parents is how their kids will handle the move. Many kids will make the transition seamlessly, while others may have a tougher time with it.  Here are a few tips that can help make the transition easier on your kiddos: 1. Allow your kids to see your true feelings about the move. If you are nervous or sad about certain things, allow your kids to see that!...
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24 Best Organizing and Decluttering Tips

The Marie Kondo method of organizing is taking the nation by storm. Marie Kondo is the author of the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and just launched a show on Netflix called, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Even if you haven’t gone “KonMari” yet on your house this year, I’m sure Spring Cleaning is in the back of your mind! Here are a few simple decluttering tips to get your home in shape!